Increasing Customer Referrals on Facebook with Coopt [Case Study]

It's a well known fact word of mouth referrals are one of the most powerful marketing message. Some studies show they are 7 times more influential than traditional marketing messages.

However, figuring out a way to get your customers to share your product is more of a mystery. Seedles was looking to spread their brand message to new audience members, but the "share this" widget on their website wasn't doing the trick. 

Other Shopify referral programs, like affiliate marketing links, have similarly poor share conversions and therefore don't move the needle for e-commerce stores. 

Incentivizing Your Customers to Share on Social Media

Seedles wanted a turnkey solution that helped his customers share their store without any additional work. After installing Coopt, Seedles offered their customers a $1-2 rebate if they shared the store on Facebook.

Within the first month they saw 20% of their customers shared their purchases, that's 1 in 5 customers who voluntarily shared Shopify store link with their friends on Facebook. 

These shares generated over 100,000 brand impressions on Facebook and 1,000 clicks, which Seedles sees as more valuable than any other kind of traffic.

“When you have someone share your company on Facebook it carries a lot of authenticity and credibility. Coopt is an effortless way to build social credibility for your brand and online store.” - Chris Founder of Seedles

You can download and view the full case study here

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