My Secret to Maximizing Traffic, Conversions and Sales from Facebook

Recently I shared the secret hack I used to make Facebook the #1 driver of new business to my online store. This is a simple trick most e-commerce store owners simply don't know anything about. 

The secret I'm referring to is utilizing "embedded links" properly.

What is an embedded link on Facebook?

Embedded Links enable you to pull in external web content (i.e. video and photos) and present it within sites. Embeddable links increase visitor interaction and retention and enable you to present all kinds of content to visitors.

Here's exactly how to do it. 

Step 1: Optimize Media for Your Embedded Link

In order to maximize the click through rate of your embedded link, you must have a video or high quality images that show up in the Facebook link. If you use a video, change the thumbnail to show the product in action. If you are selling clothes, showcase a model wearing your best selling item.

Test your embedded link in Facebook to make sure your video or photo’s are showing up. You can do this by pasting your store url within the status box and viewing the preview. 

If you would like to change or customize the image that appears, we provide a free tool for merchants who are using the Coopt app.

Remember, your embedded link must portray the uniqueness of a product and have a reason for sharing. People are interested in discovering new products and ideas, so make sure your message is coming through. 

Step 2: Offer Customers a Discount to Share your Link 

You can easily install apps to offer customers rewards for sharing your store at checkout. Although there are several affiliate apps on Shopify that do this, most do not include an embedded link, which is the most important aspect for generating conversions from Facebook.

To overcome this challenge, I developed a Shopify app called Coopt to maximize sales by utilizing embedded links.

With Coopt, customers receive their discount instantly – as opposed to affiliate/referral programs where incentives are redeemed in the future.

When setting up your offer, be sure to choose an amount that is valuable enough to your customer. This will depend on the average order of your customers, but I recommend that the offer is at least 5% off the purchase amount.

Word of mouth referrals can be monetized by offering your customers to share your store. This works best when embedded links are optimized to show high quality video or other rich content.