Introducing Coopt Campaigns, 100% flexible social coupons

If you’ve tried our Coopt App for Shopify and Big Commerce, you know it’s incredibly easy to increase customer referrals to your store by allowing customers to share discounts on Facebook.

The feedback from store owners has been great, but after dozens of emails and phone calls with clients I heard the same thing over and over. “We love the product, but we’d like it like to use promotions outside of Facebook.”

Based on this feedback, today we’re unveiling a new standalone product which allows e-commerce store owners to create reward coupons that can be shared across any website or social media platform.

That’s right, stores are no longer limited to sharing offers during the checkout process, you can now use similar discounts as incentives for any eCommerce platform.

Check out the video below for more information.

Increased Flexibility to Maximize Your Store’s “Sharability”


The original Coopt App for Shopify and Big Commerce helps store owners increase traffic and revenues without having to do much work at all.

Simply install the plugin, select the discount and within a few minutes you’ve incentivized customers to begin sharing your store to their Facebook friends in exchange for a reward.

Coopt Campaigns takes the same concept except it provides store owners more flexibility in how they promote incentivized coupons.

For example, say you want to offer a special discount for your Instagram followers. Coopt Campaigns can help you create that special discount code and place it in your post. After sharing the post, you can track how many of your sales came from that promotion or channel.
The same tactic can be used for email campaigns, web pages, or any place an HTML link is placed. Coopt Campaigns is the easiest way to create social coupons for your store.    

Why Social Couponing Works

Marketing experts know that word of mouth referrals are the #1 way to influence a customer’s purchasing decision.

As an ecommerce store owner you could spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising or hundreds of hours building your Facebook Fan Page without ever impacting this key revenue driver.

Ready to give it a test drive? Signing up is free and we guarantee your customers will begin sharing your store with their friends.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out directly to me bryan at coopt dot com.